The Injury Management Co-ordinators Association of Tasmania (IMCAtas) is the professional organisation for registered Injury Management Coordinators who operate under the Tasmanian Workers Compensation Legislation.

The Injury Management Co-ordinators Association of Tasmania is the industry body which represents all providers of injury management coordination services across Tasmania. Our members have all obtained the injury management coordinator skill set and have received the required Statement of Attainment.

You will find Injury Management Co-ordinators (IMCs) working in many different areas within the compensable and non-compensable environment. IMCs may be working for employers, within Insurance Companies and also as independent service providers available for outsourced work from many different organisations within the public and private sectors.

Members of IMCAtas have access to current resources and training, and are keen to develop their skills to remain up to date with the latest developments in the industry. IMCAtas acknowledges the importance of effective and proactive injury management and acknowledges the introduction of the role of the IMC in order to facilitate this, particularly for the more complex and/or high risk cases.

IMCAtas encourages its members to be involved in leadership roles at all levels of the injury management and return to work process. Our mission is to provide member benefits through networking, access to local professional support, resources and training to assist our partners to help shape the future direction of injury management in Tasmania.

We aim to maintain close links with and make representations to WorkCover Tasmania and other related organisations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the injury management process in Tasmania.